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What Pleases God?

Throughout the scripture we clearly see that the almighty, transcendent and holy God “does whatever He pleases”. But has it ever occurred to you: What pleases God?

The answer may surprise you.

Completeness in Christ: We Don’t Need “More”

Our completeness is because of Him. Our completeness is every bit as complete as The Lord Jesus Christ is complete. Because He is complete and perfect, we are just as complete and perfect because we are in Him who is infinite completeness and perfection. Our completion is not because of “becoming more like Jesus”, doing all the right things, dying and going to heaven. Our completion IS The Lord Jesus Christ! And we are in Christ because of the Father’s doing (1 Cor 1:30).

He Loved Me Then, He Definitely Loves Me Now!

Most Christians struggle with whether God really loves them, especially after they have sinned and failed. It’s important to understand that the Bible clearly teaches that God’s love is beyond ourselves, our performance, our righteousness — even our existence.