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God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair – Pt 1

[Series: God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair] There are times when we are frustrated — even angry — that something in our lives is downright unfair. We may be living our lives, doing what is right and then someone takes advantage of us. And it seems like they are getting away with it, while we suffer. In this opening episode:

  • The pandemic, a contentious U.S. Presidential election, economic upheaval, racial unrest, and violence in our cities. All of this has fallen upon us in just one year. This can leave many frustrated and even angry. But it is not good when we give into our flesh and respond in anger.
  • God is speaking to us through His Word…. and He has a powerful prescription for us when life is unfair. It’s the “3-7 7-3” prescription: Psalm 37 and Psalm 73. This series walks us through these two powerful psalms to discover God’s heart of love and patient justice.
  • Even though it may seem that the unrighteous are getting away with their wrong for a while, there will come a day when their end will come… swiftly.
  • God calls us not to fret or become angry, but to fully trust in Him.

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash