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God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair – Pt 2

[Series: God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair] God is speaking very clearly to us during these distressing times and no matter the situations of unfairness that we face. We continue our hope-filled series, based on Psalms 37 & 73 (the “3-7, 7-3” prescription). In this episode:

  • I heard God LAUGH. His laugh of derision of the wicked, for He knows their day is coming (Psalm 37:13 and Psalm 2:4)
  • What it means to “delight in The Lord” and “commit your way to The Lord”
  • We must be very careful not to run ahead of God or take matters into our own hands when we have been treated unjustly. We need to trust in The Lord.
  • GOD shall bring it to pass: HE will make our righteousness to be brought forth as the light.
  • What it means to rest in The Lord, cease from anger and forsake wrath.
  • The sudden, calamitous destiny of the wicked versus the lasting inheritance and peace of the righteous.

Photo by Jack Sharp on Unsplash