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A Deeper Understanding of The Love of God During Crisis

We’ve taken a pause of our ongoing series, “More Than Conquerors in the Darkest of Times” to allow The Lord to bring an important 3 episode series, Such Costly Love“. It has been my experience in ministering to people who are in crisis that when their foundational understanding of the Love of God is weak, then they have great difficulty trusting in such a Loving God during their crisis. A strong foundation built on the sacrificial Love of God is critical to your life walk, whether good times or bad!

The anchor verse for our series “More Than Conquerors in the Darkest of Times” is Romans 8:37 “Yet in all these things [crisis level events] we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.” That last part, “through Him who loved us” is crucial to experiencing life as the “more than conquerors” that we really are! A lack of biblical understanding of the Lord who loves us profoundly erodes our trust and confidence in the same Lord who has already made us more than conquerors.

Be sure to listen to every part of our “Such Costly Love” series. We have one more episode coming up… then we will return to our “More Than Conquerors in the Darkest of Times” series!