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Stepping Stones

Have you ever traversed a creek, stepping stone to stone?  Step out and plant your foot on the first stone, then shift all your weight across so that you’re now standing on that first stone.

Take another step.  Then another.  Then another . . .

I’m aware of the fact that people encounter coming from different places.  Perhaps a search engine brought you here, as you were looking for a specific topic.  People are at different places in their journey in Christ.

Invariably, one may ask, what is this site all about?  What’s the point?  Is it going anywhere?

If you haven’t already, take a moment and read the About page to find out the gist of what we’re trying to do (yes, there is a very important purpose behind what we’re doing!).

Step by step, we’ll walk through the key topics related to the Gospel of Grace and the New Covenant.   These articles are more intended as a simple “flyover” the material.  This will give you a good idea where we’re heading.  When you want to dive deeper into the material, I’ve developed far more detailed studies on each of the topic areas, which will appear on the website later.

Ready to take the journey?  Let’s begin, one step at a time . . .