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The Blessedness of Trusting God

God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair – Pt 5

[Series: God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair. This episode: “Psalm 37:34-40 – The Hope of the Righteous”] When we are going through a dark time, when the unrighteous and ungodly are getting away with their wrongdoing, it can seem like there is no hope. That our lives are hopeless, lost to the great wrong being perpetrated against us. In this episode, we see the great reality that God and His righteousness always triumphs:

  • Examples of people in the Bible who were viciously persecuted by the ungodly, but who through God triumphed, while those who persecuted them were eventually cut off by God.
  • What it means to “wait on the LORD”.
  • Even though the wicked may be temporarily prospering and growing in influence, God says it won’t last for too long. They are quickly cut off and destroyed.
  • The salvation and deliverance of God.

God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair – Pt 3

[Series: God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair, this episode: “Ps 37:12-21 – The Doom of the Wicked and The Heritage of the Righteous] Over and over again in the Bible we see situations where the righteous are vexed and can be tempted to be discouraged when it seems like the unrighteous are getting away with murder. Meantime, the righteous suffer. But that is only temporary. In this episode:

  • God is KING! He is the highest Judge and nothing gets past holy God!
  • Heart to heart counsel to those who are vexed, frustrated and even angry at the way the wicked are getting away with their wrong in the here and now. It’s important to shut everything off and find a quiet place with God.
  • A reminder of the reality that all of us came into this world as fallen creatures, rebellious and idolatrous against God. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against Satan.
  • Why doesn’t that day of God’s justice come now? Taking the longer view and understanding that while God’s justice will certainly come, His mercy stays His hand to allow more to come into the Kingdom.
  • The sharp contrast between the certain doom of the wicked and the eternal heritage of the righteous.

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God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair – Pt 2

[Series: God’s Prescription When Life Isn’t Fair] God is speaking very clearly to us during these distressing times and no matter the situations of unfairness that we face. We continue our hope-filled series, based on Psalms 37 & 73 (the “3-7, 7-3” prescription). In this episode:

  • I heard God LAUGH. His laugh of derision of the wicked, for He knows their day is coming (Psalm 37:13 and Psalm 2:4)
  • What it means to “delight in The Lord” and “commit your way to The Lord”
  • We must be very careful not to run ahead of God or take matters into our own hands when we have been treated unjustly. We need to trust in The Lord.
  • GOD shall bring it to pass: HE will make our righteousness to be brought forth as the light.
  • What it means to rest in The Lord, cease from anger and forsake wrath.
  • The sudden, calamitous destiny of the wicked versus the lasting inheritance and peace of the righteous.

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In God We Trust 2020 – Pt 2

[This is part 2 of the two-part message, “In God We Trust 2020”] The Bible speaks in many places about the blessedness of trusting God, not man. In this episode we learn about what The Bible means to trust in God. We also discuss:

  • The blessedness of trusting God, not man (Jeremiah 17:7-8)
  • Often, scripture tells us of the protection given us by trusting in The Lord.
  • The Rising Kingdoms: The Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan and the Antichrist

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