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Dark storm pushed back by brilliant light.

More Than Conquerors in the Darkest of Times 9: This is Our Hope: God’s Purpose Shall Stand!

[Series: More Than Conquerors in the Darkest of Times] Romans 8:28-30. The biggest fear that we can have is our own, total failure. This darkens our horizon and hinders our faith walk with God right now. In this episode we see that God’s real Hope has nothing at all to do with you or what you do, but completely upon His initiative and successful action:

  • The incredibly encouraging reality of God’s supreme sovereignty can be clearly seen in Romans 8:28-30.
  • All things work together for good… and why… and for whom?
  • The Success of God in The Believer, verses 29 and 30. His success means our success. This has tremendous power over our tendency to fail by the flesh.
  • The Golden Chain of Redemption