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Blessed #11 Blessed of God (Part 4)

They didn’t deserve to be blessed… yet GOD blessed them anyhow! In this episode, we continue looking at the lives of those who are blessed of God, yet didn’t deserve to be blessed. Today, we look at:

  • Ruth – an outsider, a Moabite. Even though she was not a part of God’s blessed people, the Jews, yet she persisted in staying with her grieving Jewish mother-in-law. God gave a great legacy: she became the great grandmother of King David.
  • King David – the least of Jesse’s many sons. He didn’t deserve the choice blessing of the oldest son, yet he was richly blessed to be anointed as King of Israel… with a royal line that would reach even King Jesus!
  • King Solomon – once again a younger son blessed with great privilege. He enjoyed great wisdom from God and, as a result, great peace.
  • Daniel – and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Captives in a foreign land, yet delivered and blessed by God.
  • Esther – another Jew in the time of the Captivity. Yet she enjoyed favor with the secular king and was mightily used of God to save her people from certain destruction
  • The Most Blessed Person of All – The Lord Jesus Christ!