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Blessed #7: The Incredible Steadfast Love of The Lord – Part 2

[Part 7 of the “Blessed Beyond Imagination” series] Have you ever been betrayed by a friend, rejected by someone who used to love you or ever had someone say, “I’m DONE with you!”? At some point, we all experience the pain and loss of broken love. On this edition we learn about the steadfast love of God that NEVER GIVES UP ON YOU:

  • Continuing the look at the DIMENSIONS of God’s Steadfast Love:
    • How HIGH is that love (and it’s vastness)
    • How FAR He has separated us from our sins
    • The DEEP COMPASSION of God Our Father
    • How EVERLASTING is His steadfast love
  • We receive His steadfast love, not based on our performance, pass or fail.
  • It all sums up in praise to this Wonderful King who blesses us

[Scripture: Psalm 103:11-22, various]
CC by-nc-nd 2016 Mark D. VanOuse. This recording is under a Creative Commons copyright license.