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He Was Crushed So That You Would Be Blessed – Pt 1

[This is Part 1 of a 2-part series]. Most Christians know that when Jesus went to the cross He died for their sins… and that is true. However, he didn’t just “die for our sins”, he did for SINNERS. He died for YOU. In this episode, based on prophetic scriptures in Isaiah 52 and 53 we examine:

  • The horror of the suffering Messiah
  • Jesus Takes it All: despised, rejected, knowing sorrow and grief firsthand. Bearing our griefs (bodily pains) and sorrows (mental and emotional pains).
  • Because He took all of our punishment, we can enjoy real, lasting Shalom peace.

[Scriptures: Isaiah 52:13-5, 53:3-6]



CC by-nc-nd 2016 Mark D. VanOus. This recording is under a Creative Commons copyright license.