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Sayings of Grace

By Mark VanOuse

Most times when the Lord speaks to my heart, the expression of it for the Body of Christ takes the form of articles and teaching sessions. Sometimes, He expresses a powerful grace thought as a line or two. Over the years, I have written over 80 of what I call “Sayings of Grace”. In time, I will share more of those sayings here on this page of…

  • When we think we are “good enough” (or even not “good enough”), what we really believe is that GOD is not good enough.
  • Christian, God does not call you a sinner. He does not identify you with your sin. He identifies you with His holiness – – you are a saint!
  • The call of God is the omnipotent summons of God that unfailingly commands our destiny.
  • Grace is the love, blessing & full favor of God, not based on our goodness or righteousness, but GOD’s goodness & righteousness, freely given in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus + anything = SIN
  • False confession focuses on US and what WE have done wrong.
    True confession focuses on JESUS and what HE has done right.
  • Religion sees “the perfect man” as something we work for, strive for to attain.
    God sees The Perfect Man as His beloved Son, The Lord Jesus Christ
  • The benefits of God’s divinity become mine through the agency of Jesus’ humanity.
  • Law: IF you do…
    Grace: SINCE He did…
  • The Bible is sweeping in its scope, comprehensive in its depth, spanning millenia, vastly different cultures, languages, empires and times. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, its pages have been penned by a host of diverse authors, from fisherman to Kings, from physician to Pharisee. Myriad themes are developed within its pages, vexing problems are addressed. And yet, THE integration point of all scripture is The Lord Jesus Christ, because He and He alone is THE WORD OF GOD.
  • God’s answer for us is always JESUS. It’s odd how we take something so simple make it so complicated, insisting that the answer is ME and what I do or don’t do. (2 Cor 11:3)



CC by-nc-nd 2014 Mark D. VanOuse. This article is under a Creative Commons copyright license.