Exposing Satan’s Master Scheme: To Be Like God WITHOUT GOD

Satan’s #1 goal is to keep us away from God at all costs. His #1 strategy to achieve this goal is to get us to believe that we become “like God” because of what we DO. This is the great “DO to be like God” lie, related to Satan’s lie “I will make myself like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14, ESV). It ultimately leads to believing, “I can be like God, WITHOUT GOD”.

In this provocative series we trace the origins of this diabolical strategy of “DO to be like God” all the way back to Satan’s own fall, when he was the great archangel Lucifer. We also examine how Satan used this same strategy with our first parents, Adam and Eve, turning them away from God. Then we look at the perfect Man, The Lord Jesus Christ and His radical counter to Satan’s “DO to be like God”, when He said that He can DO NOTHING of Himself (John 5:19). From there, we look at the great secret of Jesus as perfect Son of Man: His union, oneness, with His Father. We learn further that union with Christ is the great secret of the real Christian life: