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Exposing Satan’s Master Scheme: To Be Like God WITHOUT GOD – Pt 1

[Part 1 of 5]  Satan’s #1 goal in our lives is to keep us away from God at all costs. How does he achieve that goal? What is his master strategy to keep us away from God? The way that Satan frequently works in our lives is by hiding inside something that on the outside looks good, but is in fact deadly. In this episode, we expose Satan’s Master Scheme. In this study, we explore:

  • Satan’s prime tactic to achieve his #1 goal of keeping us away from God is by deceiving us into trying to be “like God” based on what we DO.
  • To understand how this happens, we look at two origins of the lie “DO to be like God”: the fall of Lucifer (who became Satan) and the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve.
  • We examine in depth Origin #1, the fall of Lucifer: “I will make myself like the Most High”.

[Scriptures: Isaiah 14:12-14, Ezekiel 27:12-19]

[This episode is a part of the “Exposing Satan’s Master Scheme: To Be Like God WITHOUT GOD” series]

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Believe Also In Me

[John 14:1-6] Many people say they “believe in God”…. but do you believe IN JESUS? Many Christians say they believe in Jesus and yet they burn themselves out trying to be “more like Jesus”. God is not interested in you “trying to be more like Jesus”…. He’s got a better way, and that way IS Jesus. In this lesson we discover:

  • Even though God made man in His image and according to His likeness (Gen 1:26), Adam and Eve bought the Satanic lie that they could be like God without God. The impact of that great lie effects our thinking today.
  • Jesus is the both perfect deity and perfect humanity. All that God The Father does is only through Jesus. That’s the way He gets things done, even in our own lives.
  • How easy it is — because of fallen thinking — to fall into the trap of “I will make myself like the Most High”.
  • What real repentance is.
  • What true saving faith is.