Living In the Reality of Perfect Sanctification – Part 1, Introduction

Here is part one of a new teaching series titled, “Living in the Reality of Perfect Sanctification”.   In this lesson we cover:

  • The importance of relying on God’s Word, not human (carnal) wisdom.
  • Much of the teaching on the subject of sanctification today is at odds with what the Bible has to say about the subject.
  • The word “sanctification” is a Bible word, so we must be careful to define it in the context of how the word is used in the Bible.
  • Sanctification, like justification is all God, it is by grace, it is through faith in Christ Jesus, it is already done, it is all yours now, so enjoy it!
  • What the Bible means by “sanctification”
  • God’s “funny glasses” versus the reality of who you really are in Christ.

The Answer is Not “How”…. the Answer is WHO.

Romans 7 clearly lays out the fact that the believer has died to the law and the demands of the law.   Then we see an agonizing firsthand narrative that despite our sincere desire to please God, we see so much failure (Rom 7:14-23).   In these verses the personal pronouns, “I”, “me”, “my”  are mentioned some 37 times.

The fact is, in Romans 7:14-23, it’s all about self… doing.   This is clearly seen to be someone in the flesh… walking by the flesh.   Of course, this sets up Romans 8 well, with its emphasis on walking by the Spirit vs. walking by the flesh.

The flesh walker asks “How can I please God?  How can I walk obediently?  How can I overcome sin?   How can I be a faithful witness?” etc., ad nauseum.   Do you see the pattern here?   Just like Romans 7:14-23, it’s all about me and my doing. …