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God’s Righteousness

Justified Forever! Part 1

Many Christians are crippled in their walk with the Lord, because they wrongly believe that God is relating to them on the basis of their righteousness, instead of on the righteousness of JESUS CHRIST. But the truth is, we could never, in a billion-trillion years come even close to being “good enough” for God. If …

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The Just Shall Live By Faith – Pt 7 (Hebrews Pt 37)

[Romans 3:27-4:12]  Who are the people God blesses? The biblical answer will probably surprise you. In this episode we dive into the key scriptures on the righteous OF FAITH and NOT by the works of the law. God is always and ever the SOURCE, the MEANS and the GREAT END of all that is good …

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The Just Shall Live By Faith – Pt 6 (Hebrews Pt 36)

“Faith Ground Zero” [Hebrews 11:11-12, Romans 3:10-26]. Abraham faced an impossible situation: fathering a child when he was 100 and Sarah was 91. Yet, there was something remarkable about the nature of their faith. In fact, the Bible identifies their faith as “the righteousness of faith”. Through faith in Christ, they were supernaturally enabled by God to bear …

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Hebrews Pt 12: Righteousness Makes a Huge Difference

Our Hebrews series continues in chapter 5:12 through 6:3. We answer the questions: Why would a person be considered a “spiritual babe”? What is the “word of Righteousness?” What’s the big deal about “righteousness”? The subject of righteousness is huge in the Bible. Most Christians — even pastors — are confused about what it really …

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Being Ignorant of GOD’s Righteousness

Most Christians, like the Jews of Paul’s day, are ignorant of GOD’s righteousness. They don’t understand God’s GIFT of righteousness (Rom 5:17).

When we don’t understand that all righteousness comes from God, purely by faith in Jesus Christ, then we end up “seeking to establish our own righteousness” and “do not submit to the righteousness of God”.