Daily In Christ

Mark VanOuse

Being Ignorant of GOD’s Righteousness

Most Christians, like the Jews of Paul’s day, are ignorant of GOD’s righteousness. They don’t understand God’s GIFT of righteousness (Rom 5:17).

When we don’t understand that all righteousness comes from God, purely by faith in Jesus Christ, then we end up “seeking to establish our own righteousness” and “do not submit to the righteousness of God”.

Part 4, “An Extreme Danger”

Most Christians hold to unbiblical, though popular, ideas about sanctification. Perhaps one of the most dangerous of these lies is the idea that one who is in Christ is bad and/or a part of them (i.e., a “sinful nature”) is bad. These dangerous doctrines are exposed with scripture and the truth of what the Bible has to say about who your really are in Christ is highlighted.