Month: January 2012

Hebrews Pt 05: “The Peril of Unbelief” – Chapter 3

Part 5 of the Daily in Christ podcast series “Hebrews: The Glory of The New Covenant” examining Hebrews chapter 3. The faithfulness of a slave vs. the faithfulness of a SON. A warning to non-believers not to harden their hearts against Jesus.

Hebrews Pt 04: The Offering of The Son so that We Can Be Sons – Chapter 2 (part 2):

Our podcast study, “Hebrews: the Glory of the New Covenant” continues with chapter 2. In this podcast, we cover the second part of the chapter, exploring:

* 6 reasons why Jesus, by the grace of God, had to taste death for everyone.
* Of the many things that Jesus accomplished by His perfect person, life, work, sacrifice and death is making us son (heirs) of God. Sons that He is not ashamed of!