Daily In Christ

Month: January 2011

Hebrews Pt 03: Don’t Neglect So Great a Salvation – Chapter 2 (part 1)

Our podcast study, “Hebrews: the Glory of the New Covenant” continues into chapter 2. In this podcast, we cover the first part of the chapter, examining:

* The problem of neglect and drifting away.
* This isn’t about bad news: it is great news: we have so great a salvation!
* Jesus was made lower so that He might taste death for everyone
* The reasons why the grace of God required Jesus to taste death for everyone.


Grace to Get Away FROM Sin

Grace does not enable us to “get away with sin”, but enables us to get away from sin.

It’s odd how some think then when we tell Christians that they are under grace that somehow we are enabling people to get away with sin, when in fact the Bible teaches us just the opposite: the grace of God enables us to to get away FROM sin.