Month: November 2010

Podcast: Not Under Law: What the “Struggle Verses” of Romans 7 Really Mean

Are the “struggle verses” of Romans 7 about a Christian’s struggle with sin? In this closer look at Romans 7, we find the glorious truth that God has freed us in Christ from sin and the law.

Part 6, “So Why Do I Do the Sinful Things I Do?” (part 2)

This is the concluding part of our series, “Living in the Reality of Perfect Sanctification”. In this lesson, we learn about Satan’s primary tactic of attacking who we really are in Christ, to try to get us to live out of ourselves. We learn about the all-sufficiency of God Himself, the great I AM.

Part 5, “So Why Do I Do the Sinful Things I Do?”

Exploring the fact that one in Christ sins, not because they have a sinful nature, but because they are deceived. They sin because they are walking by the flesh, rather than walking by faith in the Spirit.