Month: September 2010

Does Blessing Precede Obedience?

Most Christians think that in order to be blessed by God, we must obey Him first. What does the Bible teach about this subject?

There is a vast difference between the Old Covenant (of law) and the New Covenant (of grace). As Christians, we are not under the Old Covenant of law, but exclusively under grace. This means that God’s blessing must precede real obedience. Obedience is the outcome of God’s grace and blessing, not the other way around.

Being Ignorant of GOD’s Righteousness

Most Christians, like the Jews of Paul’s day, are ignorant of GOD’s righteousness. They don’t understand God’s GIFT of righteousness (Rom 5:17).

When we don’t understand that all righteousness comes from God, purely by faith in Jesus Christ, then we end up “seeking to establish our own righteousness” and “do not submit to the righteousness of God”.